Maker'S Hands aims to expand the various domestic manufacturers.
A space where pleasant imagination and education of makers are made.
Creative Moments
with we are
Space where the beginning of imagination is realized
From mapping / storyboard / 3D graphics work
Consultation and support for materialized materials and product life cycle
Product registration and patent registration are also available.
Creatve by Maker's HANDS
Creative mines of the world
The beginning of the future is always in joyful imagination-Miazaki Hayao
If you can dream it, you can make it happen-walt disney
A space where all your pleasant imagination and dreams come true MA4village
CREACTIVE SPACE of the dream
Makers Hands is based on various projects and experiences
We provide educational services that our customers want.
From elementary school to graduate institutional institution training
We've increased access through a variety of educational channels throughout you.
[ MA4village ]
Space to realize interesting imagination 'M4Village'
Making space mapo village for makers in a simple office space
Everything you need to make
We provide training and development related services.
The space is located in a good location of Gongdeok-dong
From business to personal maker activities
Provide a make space.
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